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Loved this piece. I'm also fat, totally benefit from this "millennial success" you mention, and appreciate the plain old utilitarian-ness of seeing clothes on similar bodies to mine before buying them. I would love to check out this show, which my American self had never heard of before.

I find some of it overdone and cloying at times, though. Why all the gosh darn constant obsession with our bodies (positive or not) in every possible venue at all times? Call me an idealist, but I was taught it's what's inside that counts, I truly believe it, and I'm trying to teach my kids that a person's appearance is often the least interesting thing about them, once you really dig in.

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I feel very uncomfortable with the Snag ads. I'm fat, but ordinary fat, small-time fat. The images for Snag (I have lots of their tights) feels fetishistic. Lots of truly enormous women wearing not just tights but border-line porno. Exploitative.

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I love your writing. It is simply excellent.

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