I LOVE Stranger Things! I always appreciate it when I find some morsel of popular culture that I can use to bond with my children and my daughter also loves this so it’s a win:win! Have to say I’m hanging my head in shame though because I also love The Goonies. Maybe it caught me at a susceptible age, but I think it’s a rollicking adventure - and who can resist that Cyndi Lauper song?

Never thought of Stand By Me as part of the same genre but I can see your thinking. Wonderful film and equally wonderful novella.

I had never really considered the idea of parenthood as a feature of these productions before but you make a really good point about the way that parents perceive their role and are perceived by their children. I think the baby boom generation certainly felt more keenly that they had to grow up on their own - that’s certainly the vibe I got from my parents. I remember my mum saying that she and my dad always made a concerted effort to tell us ‘I love you’, because that wasn’t necessarily something they got from their parents - and my grand parents were wonderful people, I hasten to add! Lots of food for thought. Little sad you didn’t mention The Red Hand Gang though 😉

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