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June '24: The potency of cheap music

June '24: The potency of cheap music

The sensory jumble of childhood

We’ve been writing a lot about music this month, so here

reading her piece about the strange connections the childish mind makes between music and memory (and John Craven and Cardiff).

Our theme music is Otra vez by friend of the show S F Gallardo, who you can find on Spotify and Bandcamp

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Monthly readings of essays from our archives, a choice usually inspired by the pieces published that month.
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As Tracey Thorn sang in Oxford Street, we ‘grew up in a little world’ that flared and guttered between Playschool and Facebook, and would be unrecognisable to those younger than us. That little world influences us to this day. The Metropolitan is our swing at analysing pop culture and social trends from this specific viewpoint. We’d love you to come along with us.
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